Hi there,

You are welcome to have a look into our work and passion in capturing the world through our eyes. We, Hannah and Bec from inner west Sydney  , have had this awaited dream to give families memories to keep and hold on to. As a close knit team we take joy in adventure and getting to know people and to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Our services include parties, family portraits, engagements, weddings and pets.

About Hannah

A 20 something year old childcare worker through the week and adventurer for the rest of the time, she brings a warm smile and enjoys drinking coffee and donuts. She lives with her husband Phil and their little angel Josie a darn cute cattle dog. She completed a few years in photography at high school alongside Bec and is eager to gain more knowledge in this area to look back on as an old lady and to be inspired by all the stories she captured.

About Bec

A fun-loving charming presence that can change the atmosphere of the room with just her cute laugh and loveable nature. She works at Clarendon Homes through the week and has a bubbly personality which comes easy when talking to customers. She is the better talker of the two who can easily create a cheerful vibe.  Bec completed photography  in high school and she is fully embedded in her work and takes it very seriously, in a calm but determined kinda way.  She spends her time with her boyfriend Julian and adventuring on the weekends.

Well that’s us. Please contact us so we can meet you. 🙂

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